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Lessons and Clinics

We hold instruction from local and visiting instructors throughout the year, most of our lessons are held at the Indoor Riding School at Halkirk during the winter months. We hold lessons to suit a variety of levels, from novice horses and riders through to more experienced.

Monthly Instruction

We usually hold one instruction weekend per month between September and April. Lessons are available for all levels of horse and rider, and we try our best to match abilities in each group lesson. Please check the calendar above,  or

Facebook to see who is teaching and when.

If you would like to attend, please visit our online bookings page on Entry Master or print out the instruction request forms on the downloads page and return it to the instruction secretary with your payment 1 WEEK BEFORE the instruction date.  [texts/emails for lessons will not be accepted.]

Lessons will be first come first served, with lesson allocation set at a maximum of 2 lessons over the weekend per person, if available. To be fair to everyone, we try to ensure there will be a maximum of 4 riders per lesson and sometimes can offer private or semi private lessons.

Instruction is usually open to both Senior and Junior members, please check the calendar for details.

Current guidance for riders and their helpers attending instruction

events at the CIRA Indoor School in Halkirk.

COVID-19 continues to pose a very serious threat and we must all be careful to protect our community during this time. We are depending on members to follow the guidelines and behave responsibly so that we can run events safely.

Please read the following carefully.


  • Members are reminded not to attend if they display any Covid symptoms.
  • Everyone must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer immediately as they arrive and leave.
  • Only one person to accompany a rider to a clinic to give assistance
  • 2m Social distancing must be adhered to whenever possible.
  • No hand shaking or hugging when greeting.
  • Masks are not required in collecting area or arena or when outdoors unless 2m social distance cannot be maintained.
  • Masks are required in the kitchen and viewing gallery.
  • The kitchen and viewing gallery areas are restricted to CRC Committee members. Due to the size of the area only one person to use the kitchen at a time
  • Social distancing will be observed in the viewing Gallery
  • Surfaces such as gate locks, handles or commonly touched surfaces should be cleaned regularly with household disinfectants.
  • Only one person to be present in the toilet area at a time
  • Payment and booking for event or activity to be remote or online.


  • Rides will finish 10 minutes before the hour to ensure that riders do not overlap in the collecting area
  • No more than 4 riders should be in the collecting area at any one time
  • Entrance to the arena (indoor and outdoor) by the bottom gate and exit by the top
  • No more than 4 riders should be in the arena at any time
  • Lead rein riders, should be accompanied by a parent/helper
  • Other people in the arena to be restricted to the coach and a committee member
  • Only one person to move or assemble jumps and move poles.
  • Use the minimum number of shared items such as clipboards, pens etc.

Travelling and parking at the Indoor School

  • Travelling should be undertaken with people from the same household.
  • Vehicles must be parked at least 3 metres apart
  • Horses must be tacked up at lorries or trailers not in the collecting area
  • The gate should always be kept shut
  • Avoid tying horses outside lorries/trailers

Please note that CRC members who repeatedly or wilfully fail to comply will be asked to leave the event or activity by a member of the Committee.



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